Final Concept Piece

So I have decided that I liked my second concept piece a lot more than the first one i had originally done. So I decided to draw it digitally so that i had a reference to work off from when it got to sculpting the character.

Below is a side by side comparison of the traditional and digital art piece that I have done.


I changed up the character when drawing it in Photoshop. This was mainly to do with the colours I had available in Photoshop compared to the colours I have in the traditional media. The skin colour was a big thing that I had to change as the skin wasn’t as pale as I would have liked it to have been when drawing her with pencils.  I also decided to make the hair a lot darker so that it  stood out more than everything else.

Overall I prefer my digital version as it looks a lot better than what I had done on paper.



Second Concept Piece

I designed another character so that i had two options to choose from. I tried to make each character different but there were certain aspects I wanted to keep the same, such as the colour scheme and her magical background.

This time i went into design something that didn’t need the use for a weapon because she could use magic with out it. Hence this character design becoming a sorceress instead of a wizard.


One of the main things I kept from the previous designs were the drooping sleeves as I felt that they would go well with what I am trying to design









I got a lot of inspiration from the image to the left. I really like how the armor looked on the shoulders as well as how it went around the hip too. I also really like how the boot turned into straps at the top of the leg, however I felt like this would fit the design i already had going on and change it into a boot and fish net tights.

This image can be found at



First Concept Piece

So for our next unit, We have to design a character and then sculpt it in zbrush. I have decided to stick with the elven theme that we had done for our animation unit.



This was my first concept design. I wanted my character to be a moon elf so I focused the colour scheme to be blacks and blues to represent this.

Also with this design i decided to give her a staff and something to channel her magic through , making her more of a wizard.






I based my characters dress on this image that i found online. I really liked the shorter dress and the separate corset and shoulder piece.

I found this image at


Starting In Photoshop

As of this moment in time , I have started on drawing and colouring the ship. At first, I draw it and lined in all in black. Then I started colouring it, keeping similar colours to what I had originally used. In progress-so-far-08_12_16this design I added detail in the form of the
wood grain and the wood planks on the hull of the ship. I have also starting shading it as well.

For this piece,  I need to add the steering wheel and block the colours out for that. Then I need to finish adding detail and shading to the rest of the ship to fully complete.  Then it  will be added into the final image.

Final Design

Hello there,

So I have decided that to go with the picture to the right as a final design. With this I have developed one of the earlier ideas. With this Ship design i was able to add more detail in the form of a cabin at the back. I added this as I original-shipthought the captain of the ship would have a special area for the captains quarters.

I have also added a way for people to get on and off the ship in the way of a rope ladder and a gate on the fence.

There is also another set of wings on the balloon because i thought it would make the ship easier to steer.

I keep the idea of having a point at the front of the ship to keep it streamline as well.

Even More Progress


So with this balloon I decided to go in a completely different direction with the ship being more vertical than horizontal like all the other ships i have designed.img_5962

With this balloon the propulsion comes from the engine and propeller that is coming out the end and it steers using the paddle.
There is a walkway that allows people to climb to the platform on the top of the ship that acts as a look out post.

There are also sandbags along the side. With this, I got inspiration from hot air balloons because I thought the ship looked a lot like a hot air balloon.





I got some inspiration from a ship called the Spire from the game Guns of Icarus like in my last post. With this ship I took the idea of a sphere balloon and it being more vertical.